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CannaKush Infused Olive Oil 100MG

CannaKush Honey 100MG

Keef Krispy Bites

Primacan Tincture 300MG

Primacan 500MG Nectar

Amedicanna Gummies 100MG

Med-i-kind Seedbank

ABP Farms

420 Bath Bomb – $16 Chapstick – $16 Coconut Oil (Edible) – $60 Face Mask – $30 Lotion – $40 Soap – $16

Sunday Extracts Cured Resin 1G

Sunday Extracts .5G Carts

Sunday Extracts 1G Carts

Timeless .5g Cartridges

MoonMix 1g Cartridges

StRawNana – 77.5% THC MangoxHeadband – 77.5% THC Pineapple Express – 78.3% THC Super LemonHaze – 78.3% THC Clementine – 78.3% THC BluedreamxBlueerry – 77.5% THC

ChemDog (Sativa-Hybrid Dom)

Afghani (Indica)

Afghani (Indica)